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Agribusiness poultry (chicken) in the country requires the arrangement so that all actors who play in it get a chance to be able to exist. Under current conditions chicken farmer "independent" feel increasingly marginalized and encounter many difficulties in running their business. "We expect the government to be a wise referee and impose regulations that could be our reference for running the business," said Chairman of of Perhimpunan Peternak Unggas Nusantara (PPUN), Sigit Prabowo, responding to a number of demonstrations broiler breeders, who performed in front of the Ministry of Agriculture. Convening a demonstration by a chicken farmer, according to Sigit, indicate dissatisfaction of some of the actors cultivation. They present difficulties because the supply of live chickens (life bird) flooded the market so the impact to reduce the selling price was below the cost of production
Rabu, 18 Desember 2013 (13:18:51)
This invention relates to the processing of animal waste can produce biogas , liquid organic fertilizer and animal feed ingredients at once , so that no waste is left , either in solid or liquid form . Animal feed ingredients can be used especially for ruminants. Installation of biogas technology can utilize animal waste to energy sources , fertilizer and feed in a series of process and no waste is left , in which the core process by increasing the N content to be relatively higher in liquid fertilizer . The other benefit is that in the context of environmental sanitation , because the production of livestock waste that continuously every day if not managed properly will cause serious environmental pollution . With a livestock waste treatment technology that effectively and efficiently , livestock waste is considered disturbing the environment can be used as alternatives to meet energy needs ,
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