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Bull had just entered the world record because of its size. Instead of a big high like cattle in general, Archie is even sized cute. He only has a height 76 cm.Ryan Lavery bought Archie at the age of 5 months and plans to cut as adults. But because he never grew up Ryan finally decided to make it as a pet."Actually, Archie fate will culminate be fine dining, but he also did not grow up until Christmas," said Ryan. " We are comfortable with its existence, he will be our pets until the end. "" Although small, Archie still think he is the biggest cow in the herd. So he would growl and roar on the other, " said Ryan. "Archie fine with other animals such as horses and goats. Yet he was temperamental and fickle mood."The man from County Antrim, Ireland, it was claimed glad Archie could put his name in the Guinness Book of Records. "I know Archie small but I do not think he became the most smallest," he
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merupakan salah satu ayam hias yang unik dengan bulu berwarna putih seperti kapas
Merupakan pupuk organik pilihan yang tepat karena zat yang terkandung di dalamnya sangat membantu pertumbuhan tanaman
Merupakan salah satu sumber protein hewani dan merupakan cikal bakal embrio ayam


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